How It Works

Walk this way!

Did you know that walking is one of the best forms of exercise there is? Any able-bodied person can do it – anywhere – and it’s low-impact, so it’s easy on your joints and your risk of injury is low.

This at-home workout programme is suitable for every fitness level, and gives you everything you need to trim centimetres off your waist, plus sculpt and tone your figure if you want to take it to the next level.

You’ll get weekly walking targets, workouts to keep you strong and fit, and a nutritious low-carb meal plan to give your body the right fuel – and you one less thing to think about!

PLUS Access all your workouts and eating plans from your smartphone – no app download required.


Walk off your belly in 6 weeks

Re-energise your attitude to exercise with this waist-whittling plan that combines the high-energy, body-weight strength and agility drills of popular boot-camp classes with walking intervals.

Stay the course and you could drop two dresses sizes in just six weeks!

This programme is perfect for all fitness levels – all you need are walking shoes, a sports watch (or a step tracker or sports app) and a desire to have a bit of fun!

Each week you get:

  • Minute-by-minute walking drills to help you burn kilojoules, and improve strength, balance and flexibility PLUS tone you up from head to toe
  • A weekly read – including tips on the best shoes for your foot type, and how to avoid injuries, evaluate your fitness level and power up your walk for maximum benefit
  • Low-carb 7-day meal plan and recipes
  • A shopping list to simplify your weekly grocery run

Your low-carb healthy fat (LCHF) meal plan

The last thing you want is to jeopardise all your hard work by eating the wrong foods. So what’s for dinner, then? Don’t even think about it – you’ll have enough to focus on as you walk your way to a new you. We’ll tell you exactly what to eat every day and how to make it. 

The LCHF lifestyle focuses on keeping carbohydrates to a minimum, cutting out sugar, starch and chemically enhanced foods, and increasing your intake of whole foods, healthy saturated fats and nutrient-dense vegetables for sustainable weight loss. 

A few small things to take on board before you start:

  • There’s no alcohol in the first two weeks. If you don’t drink, you won’t have to deal with the ‘ah, what the hell’ factor (usually the last thing you think before you plough into a pile of carbs or sugar); also, you won’t wake up with a hangover demanding a doughnut to take it away.
  • Don’t go on a carb and sugar binge before you start because it means you’re starting with the wrong mindset (expecting to be deprived) and that you’ll have more weight to lose (and more health issues to resolve).
  • You’re going to go cold-turkey on the sugar But there will be plenty of delicious stuff to eat, so don’t worry about it too much – it will be much easier than you think!
  • Remember, LCHF is not a high-protein diet. It’s a healthy fat, medium-protein approach to eating and you’ll get plenty of non-starchy veggies. So yes, you can eat biltong – the fattier the better – but a kilo at a sitting? No. The same applies to your dinner meat portions; palm size is enough.


Take your body from saggy to sculpted

If you want to up the ante on your new-body goals, do these upper- and lower-body sculpting drills, as well as tightening and stretching exercises after the walking boot camp.

  • Love your arms and abs: Intersperse bouts of strength-training with walking to build lean muscle
  • Firm your hips, butt and thighs: Perk up your posterior with hill walks and a butt-shaping walk that combines cardio and toning to burn fat faster
  • Quickie workouts: A walking points plan designed to fit into your busy lifestyle

Tone and stretch

Firm up your figure and elongate your body with these strength-training workouts.

  • Look hot without the gym: Strengthen your leg muscles, and tone your core and upper body with the help of ordinary hand towels for this at-home sweat session.
  • Lift your way lean – fast! Flatten your belly and target fat zones with dumbbells.
  • Tighten your trouble spots: Use exercise bands to speed up your metabolism and firm up all over.
  • Stretch for a longer body: Limber up for a greater range of motion, more flexibility to prevent soreness and to undo postural damage.

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