Q: Will I be able to do this programme?

A: Before commencing any exercise programme, you should visit your doctor and get clearance to exercise, especially if you have risk factors such as the following:

  • Family history: Any heart-related disease before the age of 55 in father or other male first-degree relative, or 65 years of age in mother or other female first-degree relative
  • Cigarette smoking
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood glucose levels
  • Obesity – a body mass index (BMI) of more than 30kg/m 2
  • Sedentary lifestyle

Please note that the programme prescribed is designed for healthy, non-injured individuals. If you have any injuries, consult a fitness specialist to advise which exercises could aggravate your injury, and to receive alternative exercises.

Q: I haven’t exercised in a very long time – is this programme suitable for me?

A: Yes – the movements in this guide are simple and perfect for beginners to ease into
an exercise routine.

Q: Will the meal plan take a lot of my time?

A: No – the meals are very easy to prepare and the ingredients are all readily available. Also, you’ll be able to download your shopping lists well in advance, so you’ll have all the ingredients handy, which will make cooking the meals a cinch. An interesting aside: we’ve noticed that even if people weren’t very interested in cooking before low-carb, they tend to become much more interested in it after they’ve started! So you can consider this a weight loss programme with a cooking course thrown in. Win-win!

Q: Will the meal plan help with weight loss?

A: Yes. This meal plan has been specifically designed to target the problem areas that seem to affect weight loss. That’s why, in the first two weeks, fats, dairy and nuts are restricted to some extent, although they are all part of the low-carb lifestyle. They are gradually reintroduced, which allows you to monitor the effect each has on your weight loss.

Q: Can I do the programme as a vegetarian/vegan?

A: We’re afraid vegetarians and vegans will not be able to use the meal plan because meat protein (and fat!) is an essential part of the low-carb lifestyle.

Q: Are there three meals a day?

A: Each day, you get a very specific breakfast and dinner, but not lunch. This is because, in our experience, you’ll probably find you’re not even hungry at lunchtime. But you’re welcome to eat any of a few suggested snacks at lunchtime if you’d like to – it’s not that lunch is banned in any way, it’s just that we find we very rarely want to eat it! That’s why Walk Yourself Fit focuses on breakfast and dinner.

Q: Is the R479 payment once-off or monthly?

A: It is a once-off payment that includes your full exercise and meal plan for the entire six weeks.

Q: Can I do the programme if I have a food allergy?

A: Should you have a food allergy, we suggest you consult a nutritionist for a personal plan which takes your allergy into account. This programme includes both meat and eggs.